What are unhealthy behaviours?

It’s normal to have disagreements and get into arguments with your partner from time to time. If you’re causing your partner physical or frequent emotional harm, it’s time to seek help.

An unhealthy behaviour is a direct action that intimidates your partner and makes them feel scared or anxious. It could be hitting, kicking, shouting, criticising them, or subjecting them to emotional or financial abuse. It could be preventing them from seeing friends or family.

Unhealthy behaviours may be motivated by feelings that aren’t normal in a relationship, such as extreme jealousy and anger.

Worried about your own behaviour?

 If you are concerned that you might be hurting, scaring, or controlling your partner. Or if you’re worried about controlling your feelings and feel you could use harmful behaviour towards your partner click on the link.

Behaviour Change Programmes – TLC: Talk, Listen, Change (talklistenchange.org.uk)

The team are caring, non-judgemental and will work with you to help you develop healthy relationships.

Contact them at a time and in a way that feels comfortable for you. They are ready when you are.